Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2021 
Opportunistic maintenance management for a hybrid flow shop scheduling problem

Pages 17-30

Iman Rastgar; Javad rezaean; Iraj Mahdavi; Parviz Fattahi

A multi-objective multi-echelon closed-loop supply chain with disruption in the centers

Pages 31-58

Kaveh keshmiry zadeh; Fatemeh Harsej; Mahboubeh Sadeghpour; Mohammad Molani Aghdam

Minimizing the sum of earliness and tardiness in single-machine scheduling

Pages 59-78

Marjan Esmaeili; Fardin Ahmadizar; Heibatolah Sadeghi

Monitoring binary response profiles in multistage processes

Pages 97-114

Reza Derakhshani; hamid esmaeeli; Amirhossein Amiri

Robust planning for debris clearance and relief distribution with split delivery and fairness

Pages 181-200

Seyed Masoud Nabavi; Behnam Vahdani; Behroz Afshar Najafi; Mohammad Amin Adibi

A Fuzzy Expert System to Select a Supply Chain Strategy: Lean, Agile or Leagile

Pages 201-218

Nima Esfandiari; Mahmoud Moradi; Amir-Mohammad Golmohammadi