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Number of Articles: 4
1. Optimal pricing strategy and cooperation in supply chain with one direct selling manufacturer and duopoly retailers

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 09 June 2021

Hossein Heydarian; Reza Ramezanian

2. A Bi-Objective Optimization Model to Design a Reliable Biomass Supply Chain Network under Uncertainty and Congestion Effect

Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2020, Pages 19-32

Hossein Soleimanian Khezerlou; Behnam Vahdani; Mehdi Yazdani

3. A Resilient Supply Chain Network Design Model with a Novel Fuzzy Programming Method under Uncertainty and Disruptions: A Real Industrial Approach

Volume 3, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2018, Pages 27-50

alireza hamidieh; alireza arshadi khamseh; Bahman Naderi

4. Discounting Strategy in Two-Echelon Supply Chain with Random Demand and Random Yield

Volume 3, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2018, Pages 51-62

Marjan Zarea; Maryam Esmaeili; Mohsen Shaeyan; Ramin Sadeghian