Design of single-sampling inspection-plan approach by mathematical programming and linear assignment method

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of industrial Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran



This study proposes a new approach for single-sampling plan by determining sample size and acceptance number. The proposed approach is based on a two-step methodology. In the first step: quality management step, different single sampling inspection plans were generated by running an optimization model for different possible acceptance numbers. While, in the second step: Multi-Attribute Decision Making (MADM) step, Shannon Entropy Approach (SEA) and Linear Assignment Method (LAM) were applied for ranking the inspection plans, generated in the previous step and selecting an appropriate plan. In the MADM step, single-sampling inspection plans defined as alternatives and Expected Non-conforming Cost (ENC), Inspection Cost (IC), and Average Outgoing Quality (AOQ) were introduced as main criteria. The proposed approach is able to determine acceptance number or maximum allowable defective number, besides the sample size for inspection lot in manufacturing lines. An example is given for illustration. The results reveal that the proposed approach could provide insightful implications for quality management.