Applications of lifetime performance index in acceptance sampling plans under censoring

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Kurdistan

2 Industrial Engineering, Kermanshah University of Technology, Kermanshah, Iran



In this research, lifetime performance index (LPI) data are used to present a quick switching sampling (QSS) plan under a failure censoring life test and the assumption that the lifetime of items follows the Weibull distribution. In this proposed QSS plan, it is also assumed that the sample size (n) and the acceptance criterion (k) are the same for both the normal and the tightened inspections of the QSS plan, but the failures (r) during the normal and tightened inspections are different in number. The equations needed to calculate the operating characteristic (OC) curve are presented for the proposed QSS along with an optimization model to minimize the average failure number (AFN). In this regard, the constraints of producer’s and consumer’s risks are taken into consideration. To show the performances of the proposed QSS plan, numerical analyses are performed and the studies conducted in this field are compared. The introduced QSS sampling plan can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturers at the level of industrial organizations.