Mathematical modeling of flexible production lines with different part types on unreliable machines by a priority rule

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Industrial Engineering, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol, Iran



In this paper, we offer an analysis and model of a manufacturing line that uses a priority mechanism to process various types of parts in faulty machinery. The manufacturing line comprises machines separated in a set order by storage rooms where components are fluxed. When it is possible, a machine works on the most important part first and only switches to less important parts if it is unable to produce the most important ones. Only one sort of function is required for each section. Machinery in the processing line, it is presumed, is capable of handling a variety of part kinds, and there are no set-up penalties when machines transfer production from one type of component to another. Only when unable to process higher priority parts owing to obstruction or hunger can the machines work on the lower priority parts. The machines function according to a fixed priority rule. The goal of this research is to provide mathematical formulations and methodologies for each component type in a flexible manufacturing line. The qualitative behavior of the multipart line is explained in several situations of supply and demand. To better understand the line, we devise decomposition equations and a solution technique to put them to use. With suitable line parameters, the method converges consistently. The findings of the decomposition were verified using simulations. The line's fascinating behavior may be seen in the system's study of many parameters.