A hybrid FMEA-SD approach for behavioral analysis of factors affecting safety management and incidents in the pelletizing industry

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Industrial engineering, Yazd University

2 Department of IE, Yazd University



The purpose of this study was to analyze the behavior of effective factors on safety management to reduce incidents in the pelletizing industry using FMEA and the system dynamics approach. Risk assessment for the Sechahon pelletizing plant was performed using the FMEA method. A total of 625 risks were identified of which 286 are high risk RPNs and need to be scrutinized. These risks were categorized according to their nature into five categories of physical, exposing to dust, ergonomics, emergencies and psychosocial risks. The results our study shows that decreasing the number of incidents in "risk reduction scenario" leads to the reduction of risk at the early durations of study. Hence it is a high priority policy in comparison with others. The technology improvement scenario shows an incremental growth trend but the scenario of the current situation can decrease the number of incidents, however.